The Tutor Dragon Notepad & Stylus

The 52 page Tutor Dragon notepad is now available and free when you sign-up for your first paid tutorial.

The notepad contains pages which are alternately lined, squared and blank.

Also, we recognise that you many not always want your child using your stylus, so we’re happy to also include a Tutor Dragon stylus which is also a pen (black ink):

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Tutor Dragon Addition A4 Poster to Print at Home

Click on the image for a PDF of the Tutor Dragon Addition A4 sheet to print and stick up on your child’s wall

Why is this addition PDF useful?

This simple A4 PDF does not follow the normal pattern of 1×1=1, 2×1=2 etc.

Instead it uses a randomised approach which is a significantly better way for a child to improve numeracy.

Going from 3×8=24 to 9×6=54 works better than 5×6=30 and 6×6=36.

A child should be able to recite the times table in their heads faster and faster as they approach the age of 11 in preparedness to go to Secondary School.