Online maths tutorials start in Hong Kong

Very pleased to announce we’re starting online maths tutorials with clients in Hong Kong.

Sessions are run out of London starting at 6AM London time which is currently 1PM in Hong Kong.

We accept payment in HKD via a PayPal link.

Please get in contact if you are interested in booking a free introductory session, which will help check the technology works for you.

As a reminder, you need a touch-screen device like an iPad or laptop with a touch screen, and a stylus which is easier to use than trying to do maths with your finger.

Year 6 Excel and Money Tutorials

We’re very pleased to announce our Excel and Money tutorials for Year 6.

The tutorials begin with a refresher about money – e.g. units, calculations etc which transfer into looking at saving, spending, discounts (percentages), as well as how to set saving goals and what interest is.

The tutorials also include some Excel work such as that shown in the picture above.

The tutorials are flexible so if the child wants to focus on the money or Excel aspects we can cater for that. For example if the child wants to focus entirely on Excel we can run tutorials for example on data, formulas and charts, up to and including Visual Basic (similar to Python).

No prior experience of Excel is required, although you should have it installed on your laptop at home (we recommend a Chromebook if your child does not already have a laptop).

Please contact us for a free introductory session:

Python Tuition for Children Online

Schools are increasingly adopting Python as the programming language of choice. As well as online maths tuition, Tutor Dragon offers Python tutoring and support.

Python is called an “interpreted” language so you can run it over a browser if you don’t want to install a full IDE (Integrated Development Environment). For example:

print(“Hello World!”)

x = 1

print “x = ” + str(x)

x = x + 100

print “Now x = ” + str(x)

Python should work using a browser on Windows, Apple and Chrome – to get off the ground try pasting the above few lines of code into and click “Run”:

Python is a high-level language and is very easy to learn form scratch which is probably why many schools globally use it as the standard language to learn in the classroom rather than say Java, C++ or Visual Basic (VB).

If your child needs any help with python please contact us for a free introductory session: