Help with Homework

One of the single most effective ways to help a child especially in Primary School ahead of important exams is help with homework.

It is not good enough for a child to hand in homework which they don’t understand. This will not lead to good results in exams. A child must be able to understand the question and their own answer, use the correct vocabulary and make sure they have answered the question to gain all available marks.

Interactive Tutorials

The online tutorials are very interactive and the child should have access to a touch-screen device and a pen – e.g. an iPad and stylus.

I also tutor specific things to do and to avoid doing to gain more marks during tests and school entrance exams.

Focus on Homework

We can arrange either regular or ad-hoc sessions to help your child with their homework. If necessary I can email tailored homework sheets which I create specifically to help your child secure what ever topic they had been struggling with in their homework.

If a child skips understanding a few homeworks, the result is poor performance in class and in exams.


Please contact me using the form below if you are interested in arranging a free initial session: