How to mix & match workbooks in preparation for the 11+

By far the best way to approach the 11+ and/or SATS and independent school entrance exams is to mix and match between ten minute tests and full exam paper simulations.

Ten Minute Maths Tests

Often there is no time for a child to sit a full simulated 11+ exam paper, especially during the week when other homework is at hand.

Ten minute tests are best done during the week, in the car, at a cafe or wherever you happen to be.

Three ten minute sessions spread over a day is generally a more effective strategy than one 30 minute session.

One further tip – a child should not go straight from doing a test to screen time. A period of relaxation and mental consolidation is best after a test, not stimulation via TV or the Xbox!

Eleven Plus Exam Simulation

In tandem with ten minute tests, one or two full exam simulations per weekend is a good idea.

Here are some useful strategies:

The child should tag any questions they found too hard. These are the ones you need to focus on.

Make sure you go through the paper and mark it immediately after the child has finished.

Do not berate the child for any questions they got wrong or did not attempt. Instead, see such questions as an opportunity to review how to approach this kind of question to gain more points in the future.

If the child shows a gap in their knowledge in a particular topic over a number of pages – e.g. algebra, then spend an hour to review that topic to strengthen the child’s ability in this area. Targeted tuition like this is invaluable.

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