Ideas on how to structure home study

As much as the content of home study is important, so is the way you structure it, allowing for change depending on the child’s feedback.

A hundred pages of maths given to a child on a Monday and asking them to finish by Friday is not a useful approach.

Structure is just as important to a child as is the content of the work they’re doing.

One way to approach this is to split the day into morning and afternoon. Each of these can then be split into two or three working periods allowing for breaks.

Giving a child two pages of maths and two pages of English will result in better focus for parent and child in terms of what has to be done, by when and to what level of quality.

Allow the child to offer feedback and make sure you listen to that feedback. A child may offer “Can I spend the afternoon doing English because I have to write a story, so I can do the maths half this morning and half tomorrow morning?”. Creative feedback and planning coming from the child is great and unless unreasonable should be worked into your daily plan.

It potentially means more work for the parent, but it will make everyones day easier if the days work is dividd into clearly defined chunks and times.