Online maths tutorials for children moving to an English Speaking country

If your family is moving to an English speaking country we can help with online maths tutorials which will help with numeracy and English fluency.


The Tutor Dragon has experience tutoring children where English is not their first language.

The maths tutorials are mostly numerical using a shared whiteboard with the tutor and the child talking via WhatsApp (or similar application such as Skype of KakaoTalk).

Before or After Moving to an English Speaking Country

Whether you are about to, or have already moved to an English speaking country, the Tutor Dragon can help your child with mathematical numeracy and English fluency using the vocabulary your child will be using at school and with their homework.

The sessions are all online and you will ideally need an iPad or device with a touch-screen and a stylus.


Please contact the Tutor Dragon for a free introductory session.