Plan ahead for a useful maths tutorial for your child

Maths tutorials are not cheap so you have to make the most of every session. Do this by planning ahead based on your child’s current school work.

It is tempting to “hand over” control of tutorial sessions entirely to a tutor. This is a mistake. Ideally the tutorial sessions should be in-sync or just ahead of what your child is learning at school.

If the tutorials are a week or so ahead of the curriculum schedule then when your child is taught a subject, say fractions, your tutor should already have covered the basics. This means the child has a much better chance of understanding everything in class and being able to do their homework exhibiting a good level of understanding.

The advantage of this approach is that the child is always “primed” for the lessons at school.

As I have mentioned in other posts, it is also useful to use tutorial time to review any topics or specific homework questions which the child found difficult. This helps secure the understanding which in turn better prepares the child for SAT’s and entrance exams.

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