Science Tutoring

I follow the UK Curriculum using a variety of materials primarily from Galore Park including:

General Science (e.g. for Primary years 4, 5 & 6)

Exam Practice, and Science for Common Entrance Exams




Interactive Tutorials

The online tutorials are very interactive and the child should have access to a touch-screen device and a pen – e.g. an iPad and stylus.

It is very powerful for a child to explain science to me with the use of visuals and the relevant vocabulary which I can help to refine ahead of exams.

I also tutor specific things to do and to avoid doing to gain more marks during tests and school entrance exams.


If your child is having specific difficulty with a topic we can focus on that over a number of sessions. For example if a child is struggling with Chemistry we can target specific topics and use visuals to help explain processes.

Getting Ahead

If your child is generally ok with the material which has been covered at school, we can use the tutorial sessions to get ahead of the curriculum by learning about what is coming up at school in the next week or so.

This can include topics in general science or in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, all of which overlap with Maths tuition.


Please contact me using the form below if you are interested in arranging a free initial session: