What should a child do between each tutorial?

Between each tutorial a child should practice what has been taught in the tutorial and try working on a new topic to be covered in the next tutorial.

A tutor should give two types of homework for a child to do between tutorial sessions. The first is a series of questions to make sure the child has secured what has been taught in the last tutorial session. This gives the tutor a good idea if that topic (e.g. percentages) needs any further work.

Secondly, the tutor can cover new work in the tutorial and give an example say on how to convert a percentage to a fraction, then give the child some questions covering that new work.

This gives the chid an opportunity to try out a little bit of learning over some new questions and prepares them for the next tutorial.

Only a few questions are required – I suggest a maximum of 5 to tests the previous subject has been secured, and 5 to test new territory.

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